Strategy Empowering Creative
April 17, 2017|By Julie Myers

In advertising, not only are you trying to reach the desired target demographic for your product or service, but it’s important you reach them in the right way. Your message has to resonate with them in order for your ad to be effective, and the message can come in many forms: the channel, the des...

March 31, 2017|By GO2 CMS

As an employee-owned agency, what moves one of us moves us all. So each month, we’re turning the spotlight on one of our many awesome owners to find out more about the unique personalities that shape GO2. This month, we sit down with Front End Developer Alec Stringer to talk about visiting The ...

March 24, 2017|By GO2 CMS

Slogan, motto, tagline — no matter what you call it, it’s more challenging to create than you might think. So if you’re going to take on this challenge, it’s best to give some thought to the “why” before you start working through the “how.”       Why might you want...

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