Strategy Empowering Creative
February 17, 2017|By Julie Myers

It’s inevitable that things evolve. And your brand should, too. While it may have been perfect for you when it was first developed, you might find yourself veering away from your original brand identity as your company changes — and that’s OK! But when that happens, you’ll need to makes cha...

February 16, 2017|By Sara DeNunzio

As an employee-owned agency, what moves one of us moves us all. So each month, we’re turning the spotlight on one of our many awesome owners to find out more about the unique personalities that shape GO2. This month, we’ll get to know one of the people who started it all — co-founder, manag...

January 20, 2017|By Carrie Williams Vaughan

At first glance, a personality test may not seem like a valid exercise to bring to your workplace. While this writer firmly believes taking a “Which Golden Girl Are You?” quiz is never a waste of time, it might not give you much insight into how you can improve your relationships in the office. ...

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