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Bald Twin Challenge: Sibling Rivalry for a Great Cause

In just a few weeks, our Account Manager Katherine Fertig will shave her head to help raise funds for a worthy cause. She’ll be participating in one of St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s Brave the Shave events, to support the amazing work they do in childhood cancer research.

Katherine will brave the shave on April 11, along with her identical twin sister Carolyn, who works for Marcus Thomas. Together, GO2 and Marcus Thomas have created a twin vs. twin, agency vs. agency challenge — the Bald Twin Challenge — to bring more attention to this cause, and to help drive donations.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve seen that we’re having fun helping Katherine raise more money than her twin, but our ultimate goal is to support St. Baldrick’s. Every three minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer, and St. Baldrick’s Foundation fuels the essential research that can save their lives. You can learn more by visiting

When St. Baldrick’s learned about our Bald Twin Challenge through social media, they asked Katherine to write a blog for them, describing her motivations for joining a Brave the Shave event. Read Katherine’s fun, passionate response below, and please consider donating here.


I have a lot of passion. Everything I touch, I do with conviction, a reason, and what others have described as “spunk.”  I “own it,” as some would say, and I never turn down a challenge, especially if I believe in it. Shaving my head for St. Baldrick’s and participating in the Bald Twin challenge allows me to be a part of something more.


My younger sister Lindsay shaved her hair last year for St. Baldrick’s and raised so much money for children’s cancer research. It was incredibly courageous for a young lady to shave her head, even for something she believed so strongly in. It was brave, selfless and remarkable. That has really touched my life.  When I was asked to do it this year, it was an instant “yes.” I have the choice to shave my head and lose my hair while so many others don’t have that choice. That means something to me. Cancer affects everyone at some point in life, whether it’s through a family member, a friend, or even themselves. There’s no roadmap for dealing with cancer, but having the help and support of an organization like St. Baldrick’s can change the lives of cancer patients and families. I want to be part of that community.


My twin and I both work at premier advertising agencies in the Cleveland area — GO2 Advertising and Marcus Thomas. Go figure, right? Twins working similar jobs. I think it’s hilarious. Anyway, her agency approached me and asked if we would be up for a little challenge. That’s how the Bald Twin Challenge was born, and here we are today.  I’ve had incredible support from my company, GO2 Advertising, from the get-go, and there are no problems with me facing clients with a shaved head. The continued support of my peers, management and partners has been amazing. It’s rare to find an entire company that would come together to support a common purpose like this one, and we’ve managed to bring together two. That’s worth talking about.


Ultimately, I want to stand bald and proud of what we as a community are able to accomplish. I hope to inspire more people to donate just one more dollar or someone to brave the shave in their community.  It’s not about losing your hair, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, bald or not. It teaches young people in our community that it is okay to be diverse, to look different, to stand up for what you believe, and to care about people who are going through hard times. It’s just hair to me, but that simple shave can make a world of difference for someone else.


Okay, I’m in advertising, so here’s where the pitch comes in. Why should you donate to me over my twin? Well, regardless of which twin you donate to, remember it all goes to a great cause. But because I want to win (and because I totally should), here are all the reasons your donation should be mine:

  1. I was born first by three whole minutes and thus I should always stay #1.
  2. I go hardcore. I am getting married this year and I may or may not have enough hair to wear my veil for my wedding, but my fiancé says that’s cool.
  3. My twin always wins (she cheats), and it’s my turn.
  4. I think my head is rounder, and my face cuter, and thus I would look cuter bald.
  5. I was there last year, shaving my little sister’s head. Carolyn didn’t show up (helping Mom doesn’t count as an excuse), and has no idea what to expect from this tremendous event.
  6. This blog post is pretty awesome and I’m not even a copywriter, so give this girl some money for St. Baldrick’s.

All in all, this is about the kids. Bald Twin Challenge or not, please join the others in your community who have already donated and make a difference for so many lives.

—   Katherine