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Generating Leads on Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform when it comes to reaching out to others and generating leads. With tools like mentions, replies, messaging and lead generation cards, Twitter can expand your network quickly and effectively. In this blog post, we will be examining some of the most effective ways you can get your brand out there and start generating leads.

tweetdeckFor brands just getting started on Twitter, I would highly recommend TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a free tool that takes Twitter to the next level. You can build custom feeds, create lists of industry influencers, schedule tweets and more. It’s invaluable for staying organized and for keeping tabs on what your followers are up to in real time.

After getting started on TweetDeck, you should begin looking for industry influencers. I would recommend searching some hashtags relevant to your industry to see who is prominent in discussions. If that doesn’t yield the results you’re looking for, you can also try using third party apps and websites to find influencers. followerwonkOne I would recommend is followerwonk, a free app that offers more in-depth analytics, influencer searching, and competitor comparisons. Once you have a solid list of influencers, be sure to add them to a list in TweetDeck so that you can follow them all in one place. If you see a tweet from an influencer that is relevant to your brand; reply, retweet, favorite or even message the Twitter account who created it to begin creating conversations.

Another crucial step to lead generation on Twitter are lead generation cards. What do they do? Lead generation cards allow anyone interested in your brand on Twitter to share their contact information with you. This means you can build an exclusive Twitter audience complete with names, emails and Twitter handles. To create a lead generation card you’ll, need to write a short description detailing why someone should opt-in to further communications from your brand. You’ll also need an image with a strong call to action. Once a user clicks the opt-in button, their data will be automatically stored in Twitter Ads, which can be easily exported into a CSV spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can set up your leads to be updated in your own CRM system and it is compatible with a multitude of providers.

The tools detailed above should give you a head start in generating leads on Twitter, however content is still king. Sharing great content is what will get you noticed, and can lead to more natural engagement from industry influencers. Tracking industry hashtags and positioning your brand as an expert in your field will greatly improve your chances of receiving replies to messages, and more opt-ins on your lead generation cards. Use these tactics often and well and your brand will have a solid foundation for lead generation in no time.


Periscope 101

Periscope has taken the world by storm, which comes as no surprise. An app that allows you to stream anything, anytime to anyone is a powerful tool with far-reaching potential. One company to pick up on this potential was Twitter, which now owns Periscope and has integrated the app into Twitter itself. This acquisition makes Periscope very attractive to any Twitter users hoping to improve their social strategy or broadcast live events.

Social Media Terms Specific to Periscope:

Scoper – A Periscope user.

Scope – An individual broadcast by a Scoper.

Hearts – Same thing as a favorite on Twitter or a like on Facebook.

Who’s on Periscope?

As of September 2015, Periscope has 10 million users and 1.85 million daily active users. The top 3 countries on Periscope are the United States, Turkey and Brazil. The demographics for Periscope can be all over the place, but most users on the platform range from ages 16-24. People are watching 40 years of live video every day, and 350,000 hours of video is streamed daily.

What can you do on Periscope?

Like any other form of social media, you can have followers, like content and comment. Tapping the screen during a broadcast will give hearts, which show up on the streamer’s profile. Broadcasts are available for 24 hours on the app. The video itself is available for download. No fastforwarding is available for replay viewers. The replay audience is typically 20-25% of the live audience.

Is Periscope right for your business?

If your business is using Twitter, then the answer to this question is a simple yes. There’s no excuse not to be on Periscope, and having a Twitter account means you’re only a couple of clicks away from setting up your Periscope account. Live-streaming offers so much potential for creativity and coloration that its applications are endless and can work for any brand. Twitter users who are even occasionally active on Periscope tend to see a boost in Twitter engagement ranging anywhere from 10-35%.

What should I broadcast on Periscope?

Anything. Seriously, anything. Company party? Broadcast it. Attending a conference? Broadcast it. Demo-ing a product? Broadcast it. Periscope is already being used for all these things and more. Periscope takes Twitter’s real-time conversations to a new level, making it the ideal platform for sharing industry news or events happening in real time. The platform’s motto is: “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.” and it absolutely delivers that promise. Periscope is still a growing platform, which means it is at the prime time to be exploring content options and reaching new audiences. Active users really stand out on this platform, and followers have the potential to become excellent brand advocates. Live broadcasts offer transparency, something that can be challenging to convey on other social media networks, but with Periscope it’s easy to show how genuine your company or organization is through live communication.

Periscope has grown exponentially in less than a year, and Twitter will continue to nurture the platform as it grows. Now is the perfect time to jump and see what Periscope is all about. The possibilities are endless, and live-streaming is here to stay as more and more social media users want real-time updates. Get ahead of the curve and establish your brand on Periscope today.