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April 17, 2017
|By Julie Myers

In advertising, not only are you trying to reach the desired target demographic for your product or service, but it’s important you reach them in the right way. Your message has to resonate with them in order for your ad to be effective, and the message can come in many forms: the channel, the design, the timing, the actual copy and more. So, there’s a lot to consider! And that’s why it’s so important for brands and their marketing departments and ad agencies to prioritize research and strategy before they implement. Each ad campaign needs to be well thought out and viewed from diverse perspectives in order to refine the message and communicate effectively to the intended audience. Advertisers can learn from the missteps of the soft drink giant Pepsi when it comes to consider...

March 31, 2017

As an employee-owned agency, what moves one of us moves us all. So each month, we’re turning the spotlight on one of our many awesome owners to find out more about the unique personalities that shape GO2. This month, we sit down with Front End Developer Alec Stringer to talk about visiting The Shire, eating grasshoppers and ushering in the technological singularity. What are you most passionate about at work? My favorite thing to do at work is problem solving. For me, that can be anything from writing a bit of weird code that makes a website work to solving problems in our corporate culture through our culture improvement committee, GO2 DNA. There is something satisfying about being presented with a challenge that doesn’t have an obvious answer and then working for a solution....

March 24, 2017

Slogan, motto, tagline — no matter what you call it, it’s more challenging to create than you might think. So if you’re going to take on this challenge, it’s best to give some thought to the “why” before you start working through the “how.”       Why might you want to develop a tagline? To introduce yourself — a new business can make a great first impression with an effective tagline. To clarify your purpose — your brand name may not tell your audience what you do, but your tagline can. To differentiate your brand — the right words can help you stand apart from your competition. To make an emotional connection — a thoughtful turn of phrase can support brand affinity. While a tagline may not be an absolute necessity, it can be an...

March 17, 2017

Here at GO2, relationship building is one of our core strengths. We know the more we can collaborate and build partnerships with our clients, the more successful we can be in helping them reach their goals. We’ve recently finished up a Retrospective Portfolio, which highlights that relationship-building element in our work with Comcast. We are at a point in our relationship where a recap is appropriate; we’ve been working with the company for nearly 4 years and have been involved in many different capacities, divisions and efforts. The Retrospective Portfolio encompasses all that we’ve done together and shows each division we work with just how deeply connected we are to the company’s brand and growth initiatives. So what does a project like this entail? Well, first we had to...

February 17, 2017
|By Julie Myers

It’s inevitable that things evolve. And your brand should, too. While it may have been perfect for you when it was first developed, you might find yourself veering away from your original brand identity as your company changes — and that’s OK! But when that happens, you’ll need to makes changes to your brand so it’s always aligned with the current state of the company. Sometimes, there are obvious signs it’s time to rebrand. And other times, it may not be so clear. Here, we’re sharing three telltale signs that it’s time to start thinking about rebranding efforts. 1. When you pursue a different target demographic. Your target audience is (well, should be) at the core of everything you do. You create a brand that will resonate with and appeal to your audience so that yo...